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Punch Bowl Fountain Recipes Punch Bowl Fountain Recipes

Punch Bowl Fountain Recipes

A punch bowl is definitely the center piece of any party table spread in any occasion. Punch bowls with flowing and cascading fountains look grand and impressive. These punch bowl fountains are available in numerous designs, shapes and tiers and they give stunning water fall effect. Impress and attend your guests in style with funky dispenser and serve anything right from cocktails, juice, punches, and squashes. The cocktail drink fountain is mostly in fiber but gives glass appearance. Most of the punch bowls are illuminated to give the desired lighting effect and add drama to the delicious cascading beverage.

In fact in today’s context no party is complete with a perfect punch bowl fountain. These fountains can be hired too, if you don’t own one. For a perfect stand out party whether it is for kids, re-union, business meet or wedding, go for perfectly decorated cascading fountain. These serving fountains not only used for serving drinks but are wonderful options for decoration. With play of different lights you can add drama and highlight the beverage. A punch bowl fountain can be used for preparing various recipes.

Punches- soda fountains are great hit among all age groups. Bright colored punches like strawberry or grape one with red or purple color will be eye catching.

Champagne or martini- couples who do not mind shelling extra pounds can opt for expensive drinks like Champagne or martini in drink fountains. The drinks can be complemented with strawberries and cherries and other fruits as taste enhancers.

Sangria- a wonderful drink with floating fruits soaked up in the liquid.

Margarita- these drinks are preferred on rocks rather than the frozen version. Garnishes of lime or olive are preferred.

Here are some fountain recipes for every occasion.

Chocolate fountain

6 lbs milk chocolate
½ cup powdered sugar
2/3 cup vegetable oil

Melt chocolate over double boiler. Add sugar and oil, stir briskly, and be careful not to over cook the chocolate. Once the ingredients have blended perfectly pour it Punch Bowl Fountain. Enjoy with marshmallows, jujubes, biscotti, cakes or even fresh fruits.

Wedding punch


3 cups vodka
70 ounce ale of ginger
5 cups pineapple juice
5 cups cranberry juice

In case of unsweetened juice do not forget to add 3 cups of sugar or saccharin.

Mix all the ingredients in blender and pour it in fountain bowl.

Cosmopolitan drink


2 cups cranberry juice
2 cups of cointreua
3 cups of vodka
1 tbsp of lime

Mix all the ingredients and serve in fountain bowl.

The ideas are numerous. You can make your own fruit punches or cocktail by using, wine, cider, pimms or fruit juices. You can even stick top non-alcoholic drinks, there are numerous alternatives available. Remember these cocktail fountains come in various shade, sizes its better to check how much the fountain that you have bought can hold and then mixing the drinks accordingly.

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